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Find some problems and solutions

Wednesday, 19 de May de 2010, by yingwang

The first problem: Traffic Congestion

Traffic Congestion image1

Traffic Congestion image2Traffic Congestion image3

The first hypothesis:

Try to design a sidewalk that move automatically and have a fast and a slow automatic road. There will have an ordinary road among them which can bring convenience for people to change the automatic roads.

The second hypothesis:

Join with interesting or ornamental designs in the ladders of bridge. For example, use the LED in the construct of the ladders, it can show animated cartoons and so on. Solar energy will be used in power generation for it. Either of us can design the ladders which can send music when we step on them, like the keys of piano.

The second problem: The Crisis of Energy

The Crisis of Energy image5

The Crisis of Energy image1

The Crisis of Energy image2

The Crisis of Energy image3

The Crisis of Energy image4

The first hypothesis:

Use the Solar panels or the other materials which can change the solar energy into electricity at the surface of batteries. When the batteries use up, we can take it under the sun and it will be charge electricity.

The second hypothesis:

Invent equipment that can change the sounds into electricity. We can collect sounds include noises to save the energy for electricity generation.

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