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Wednesday, 19 de May de 2010, by shanhe

What is?

  Bicycles rental station

How to make it real?

Built-in high efficiency generators use their pedal to create the mechanical energy into electricity


For whom?

Sandy beach

Go to work

Weekend outing

Old people


Apply to any healthy person

How does it work?

  Saving Energy

  Release energy

  How much energy can release that how much energy stored before (from A to B is by bicycle, then when B back to  A is rode a motorcycle.)

Why do i do it?

  •1.Convert biological energy into mechanical energy, do not waste other energy, saving energy. Improve people’s environmental awareness.

•2. In order to charge which is the purpose of physical exercise.

•3.Both practical purposes and can be used to enjoy. Designed according to user needs. To reflect the unique city of art and design content, Humanism, more convenient, more environmentally.

•4.Many people can ride bicycle, it is become more universal, popular and easy to mass acceptance.

•5.Become a highlights tourist destination , showing the local people’s living spirit. •

6.Electric bicycle as a sustainable development tool which is play a good role for building a good city.

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