Element Detector(Project Board)

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Element Detector(Project Board)

Friday, 21 de May de 2010, by peng-yang

what is?

This is a element detector.It is fixed in people’s mouth.When unsafe foods touch the tooth that interaction with mouth to give a warning to person.

The tooth send the massages about food safety and quality to National Department for Food Safety and Quality.

If the massages contain many food safety and quality problems,the National Department for Food Safety and Quality will appoint officer to inspect in supermarket,shoppingcenter and so on.

element detector.It is a element detector that can analyze elements within foods

How to make it real?

For whom?

individual or nation

The individual is informed by the element detector.The nation can learn food safety and quality from citizen by the element detector.As same time,the element detector achieves to monitoring anywhere anytime.

How does it work?

The element detector aim at protecting physical health and monitoring food safety and quality.

Why do i do it?

There are many problems within food safety and quality.

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