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Ikea sheft

In my opinion,there are many parking and interface problem in today. Such as,there is not enough parking and parking is not user-friendly.I will solution the question from tow parts. Firstly, it is not enough parking in downtown underground parking.So i want to design a parking that look like IKEA’s shelf of stockroom.I think the way [...]


21 de May by

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Find some problems and solutions


The first problem: Traffic Congestion The first hypothesis: Try to design a sidewalk that move automatically and have a fast and a slow automatic road. There will have an ordinary road among them which can bring convenience for people to change the automatic roads. The second hypothesis: Join with interesting or ornamental designs in the [...]


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  the first problem: the second problem is a traffic jam. when people  have a  traffic jam,we can take a fictitious  network to save more time


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