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what is it

1.What is it? 2.context 3.How to make it real? Government investment of urban construction 4.For whom? Every people. 5.How does it work?  The use of the energy and the summer heat for the electricity. 6.Why do I do it?    City traffic is the biggest problem is traffic congestion, which causes some people think it [...]


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The city using

design sketch

   Future of the people mover in the city using  


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Element Detector

toxic food

My designed element detectorWhy do i do it? There are many problem within food safety .So ,i would like to design the items that can give a warning then the food unsafe for person. What is? Element Detector:It is a element detector that can analyze elements within food to monitoring food safety and quality. For [...]


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Ikea sheft

In my opinion,there are many parking and interface problem in today. Such as,there is not enough parking and parking is not user-friendly.I will solution the question from tow parts. Firstly, it is not enough parking in downtown underground parking.So i want to design a parking that look like IKEA’s shelf of stockroom.I think the way [...]


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The sources of inspirations

inspiration 1

My inspiration is come from the  moving sidewalk of airport.


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Find some problems and solutions


The first problem: Traffic Congestion The first hypothesis: Try to design a sidewalk that move automatically and have a fast and a slow automatic road. There will have an ordinary road among them which can bring convenience for people to change the automatic roads. The second hypothesis: Join with interesting or ornamental designs in the [...]


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  the first problem: the second problem is a traffic jam. when people  have a  traffic jam,we can take a fictitious  network to save more time


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Student Guide


The socio-cultural changes of the last few years have made it necessary to change the designer’s paradigm. The need to train a new type of transversal designer has become evident —someone capable of working in a world of services, products and processes in a context of social change and technological innovation. As the BEDA (Bureau [...]


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IED ToolKit


IED ToolKit is a tool created for MadridDesignNet workshop participants, formulated for people involved in the design of the future, innovation, horizontal knowledge management and the evaluation of products in a real context, both globally and locally.


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IED (Istituto Europeo di Design)


IED it’s an International Design Network internacional with sites in Milano, Roma, Torino, Venezia, Firenze, Cagliari, Madrid,Barcelona y São Paulo. IED Fashion, IED Design, IED Communications and IED Visual Arts are complete structures, each with its own training programmes, whose common denominator is their shared design culture. Each one caters for the requirements of the labour market by creating training schedules tailor-made to suit [...]


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